‘SNL' Delivers Twisted Redo of 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'


Saturday Night Live are known for their zany sketches, but their latest redo the Fresh Prince Bel Air theme song is probably their most zaniest and violent parody ever. But it’s still hilarious though.

In the clip above, SNL cast member Chris Redd plays Will Smith, while Kenan Thompson portrays the portly Uncle Phil, and guest star Method Man plays one the guys who was up to no good.

If you recall in the theme song, Will is sent to live with his auntie and uncle in Bel-Air after he gets into a fight with the "guys who were up to no good" in his West Philly neighborhood.

But in the SNL parody, the story takes a bizarre turn when "the guys who were up to no good" are actually powerful gang who follow Will to Bel-Air. The gang's arrival forces Will into the protective custody an FBI agent played by SNL host Jessica Chastain.

But the story gets even more bizarre as Will is double-crossed by the FBI agent and is subsequently tortured by the Japanese Yakuza. Then Will gets caught in the middle a gun battle between a gun-toting Uncle Phil, the gang and the Yakuza.

The parody ends with Will now known not as the "Fresh Prince" but as a homeless man named "Jasper Mitchell White Ridge, New Hampshire.”

Fans on Twitter loved the parody and urged SNL to do more twisted retellings classic television theme songs, including All in the Family, Friends, Seinfeld and others.

Check out the fans' reactions below.