Snails, Big Gigantic & Collie Buddz 'Feel the Vibe' of Inspiration: Watch


Inspiration strikes at the strangest times. It could be while you're getting your hair cut, sitting around dinner with friends, and almost certainly when you're performing for fans onstage. Snails knows that, and it's a process he animated in his latest music video for “Feel the Vibe,” a collaboration with Big Gigantic and Collie Buddz.

We watch as the two-toned producer moves through life, searching for the right notes when he knows they'll come to him in their own time. When inspiration strikes, the world becomes full dripping color, much like the ribbeting noise his signature vomit-step sound. Big Gigantic's saxophone line lends an air the spy to the tune, while Collie Buddz provides Bermudian flair.

“Feel the Vibe” is the third single from Snails' debut album The Shell. The Montreal producer recently launched his own label, Slugz Music, wherein he can help other artists reimagining the horizons bass music. Watch “Feel the Vibe” below, and get a peek into how the slime-master lives.