Smokey Robinson Defends Jennifer Lopez’ Motown Tribute


Jennifer Lopez is about to carry out throughout tonight's Grammy Awards present in a tribute to Motown. Many music lovers questioned the choice contemplating how a lot of proficient artists who've a deeper connection to the Motown sound might have bodied this idea with extra ease. There was additionally objection on account of indisputable fact that the ceremony is held throughout Black History Month. The Grammy's skipped a chance to honor Black tradition correctly by tapping J Lo for the act. Still, the singer finds a pertinent ally in Smokey Robinson.

From the Motown icon's perspective, the hate is unwarranted. “I don’t suppose anybody who's clever is upset,” he informed Variety. “I believe anybody who's upset is silly.” He goes on to quote Jennifer's upbringing in "her Hispanic neighborhood” as a testomony to her credibility. Being Jenny from the Bronx block is not his level, nevertheless. He deems Motown as artistry that's made for all to take pleasure in. 

“Motown was music for everyone. Everybody,” he repeated.

“Who’s silly sufficient to protest Jennifer Lopez doing something for Motown?” he requested.

Motown Record was based in Detroit, Michigan, and the one reference J. Lo might have tapped into from the label for her information may need been wielded for the period by which she ripped off Amerie's model.  But that is a story for an additional time.