Smokepurpp, Lil Pump & Gucci Mane Are Working On Full-Length "Gucci Gang" Project


It took a while for the truth to settle in, but the “Gucci Gang” misprint was no misprint it. Furthermore, Lil Pump, Gucci Mane, and Smokepurpp are dead set on turning on parlaying their touring efforts into a full-length group project. Smokepurpp revealed the group’s intentions in an interview with Beats 1 Radio host Travis Mills. “It is safe to say that there’s a Gucci Gang project on the way and that we’re already working on it,” he said during this afternoon’s broadcast. “We already have mad songs in the vault.”

Purpp’s was startling, to say the least, due to bust-up that occurred February when he challenged Lil Pump’s sovereign claim to “Gucci Gang,” the song from which the group’s name is evidently derived. But that was before they formed like Voltron at Coachella 2019. “It was lit!” Purpp admitted. “It was crazy. I felt like our set was memorable.”

For the sake of upholding the truth, it’s worth noting that Lil Pump and Smokepurrp did eventually bury the hatchet. Pump wasn’t asked to relinquish his ownership privileges of “Gucci Gang,” and he sure as hell wasn’t barred from contributing to Purpp’s long-anticipated Deadstar 2 project. If anything, they’ve been playing us for fools with all this backhanded commentary. The same can be said for “Three Stooges” in the heyday of slapstick comedy. Of course, Gucci Mane will certainly put them in their place, if ever the recording process reaches such a low point.