Smino Throws an Underwater Players Ball in New ‘Trina’ Watch


Smino gets his pimp groove on in his new video for "Trina," which arrived on Thursday (Oct. 24). Directed by Child, the St. Louis rapper reveals his comedic flair while spitting lyrics that pay homage to the legendary female rapper.

The video opens up with a scene seemingly inspired by 1995's Friday as Smino and his friends get shooed away from a neighbor's lawn. They then head to a stylist to get fitted for the first Underwater Playas Ball, where the fellas show off their finest pimp gear.

The competition for the costume contest's grand prize is strong, but of course Smino walks off with the big trophy.

Along with promoting his solo work and hopping on collaborations like Dreamville's "Sacrifices" alongside J. Cole, Saba and Earth Gang, Smino is now part of Ghetto Sage. The recently announced supergroup also consists of fellow rappers Noname and Saba. The trio dropped their debut “Häagen Dazs” single last week.

Check out the "Trina" video below.