Slowthai Is the Rightful Heir to the Throne in Playful ‘Nothing Great About Britain’ Watch


Slowthai returned on Friday (May 3) to make a mockery of the United Kingdom with the lighthearted "Nothing Great About Britain" track and visual, which will serve as the lead single for his upcoming LP of the same name. 

The clip finds the grime rapper channeling his inner King Arthur, as he removes the Excalibur sword from the stone to become the rightful heir to the throne. He then trolls English traditions by making fun of their BBC news coverage and having his very own knighting ceremony with friends. The 24-year-old fittingly ends the video in a pub singing the British national anthem together with the rest of the patrons in unison. 

Slowthai detailed in a press release how his life's journey really inspired the content behind his album. “Through it, I’ve gone on a journey of explaining how everything I was chasing to make me feel good only clouded my judgement," he stated. "And it took me going through a ton of shit to realize that none of these things — no money, no drugs, no fake relationships — is gonna make me happy, or make me a good person."

Nothing Great About Britain releases on May 17. Familiarize yourself with Slowthai by watching the "Nothing Great About Britain" video below.