Skrillex, Ghostmane, Kenny Beats & Team Ezy Played VR, So Now Everyone Wants a Collab: Watch


Though Skrillex has released a plethora of hits, from dubstep to house and hip-hop beats, he's become something of a rare bird. Fans clamor for new material, and so, now that Skrillex shared a video of himself playing VR with hardcore punk singer/rapper Ghostemane and fellow producers Kenny Beats and Team Ezy, the Internet is all atwitter.

What we do know: Skrillex looks just as silly playing VR in public as the rest of us do. What we don't know: If a collaboration between any of these creatives is coming. did note that Ghostemane posted a photo with Skrillex to his Instagram story earlier this week, which implies that the hangout session is ongoing. It's not impossible that the pair are spending time in the studio.

Skrillex promised a new album coming in 2019 featuring work with friends. Billboard Dance reached out to Skrillex's camp to see if Ghostemane and the rest may be part of that project. In the meantime, you can listen to his latest release "Turn Off the Lights," alongside Boys Noize as Dog Blood. If you want to get to know his friends, check out Ghostemane's Health collaboration "Judgement Night," Kenny Beat's collaborative LP with Rico Nasty called Anger Management and Team Ezy's latest with Boxinlion "Forget." You can also watch the foursome play VR below.