Skrillex & Boys Noize’s Dog Blood Debut Electrifying ‘Turn Off The Lights’ EP: Listen


Caution: Listening to Dog Blood's Turn Off The Lights EP at full volume may destroy your speakers. Do it anyway.

Skrillex and Boys Noize first got together in 2012 with a two-song release that set a "Next Order" of sound with a boomin' "Middle Finger." The laptop-production wizard and analog-synth smasher returned a year later with Middle Finger Pt. 2, but it was five years of separate mischeif until Dog Blood's rowdy return to festival stages earlier this year. Today, the world is blessed in the electro-metal waters of a new four track offering, and seriously, this dog's bark is littered with bite.

"Break Law" opens the EP with anticipatory energy before exploding with monstrous b-boy attitude. Each bass booms with a hefty roundness, it feels like you can grab it with your hands. Next is "4 Mind," a tune produced alongside Josh Pan and X&G that samples 1990's "The Realm" by C'hantal. It's got rave sirens, bouncy beat stomps, weird industrial clangs and more.

Next up is "Kokoe" with Otira, a psychedelic, wavy bit of acid house with hints of Homework-era Daft Punk, ballroom vogue and feverish jungle hallucinations. Our ears come upon a tropical oasis in the middle of the tune. It may be our EP favorite. After that magical five-minute-plus journey passes, the EP closes with previously released single "Turn Off The Lights." Do as the song says, crack some hi-intensity glow sticks and get weird. 

Dog Blood brought a real heavy rave mood with this one, and it's okay if you want to mosh. Turn Off The Lights is out now on Atlantic.

Headbang yourself into another dimension by listening below.