Skip Bayless Hilariously Exposed By His Own Wife On "Undisputed:" Watch


Skip Bayless is one of the more disagreeable people on sports talk television, mostly because he is such a contrarian that you almost have to question if he actually believes what’s coming out of his mouth. Bayless is currently the co-host on FS1’s Undisputed which boasts the hilarious Shannon Sharpe. While Undisputed might not be as classic as First Take, it definitely has some phenomenal moments and today, we really got a true gift courtesy of Bayless’ wife Ernestine.

Bayless has mentioned Ernestine plenty of times before but fans had never actually seen her until today. Bayless’ wife just wrote a book called Balls: How to Keep Your Relationship Alive When You Live with a Sports-Obsessed Guy and was on the show to promote it. During the segment, Ernestine roasted Bayless for his many sports-obsessed tendencies and superstitions.

Ernestine even admitted that it’s tough to be married to someone like Bayless because of how he tends to shut her out when sports are on. She’s started watching games with him but he can be on edge sometimes which leads to an odd experience. In the meantime, Sharpe was laughing hysterically at Ernestine’s admissions while also congratulating her on persevering through their marriage.

In all seriousness, they seem to be pretty happy with each other and Bayless kept gushing the whole time which is something many of the commenters noticed. We’re happy the resident Team Jordan wearer is striving in his personal life.