Skip Bayless Disses Kawhi Leonard’s Buzzer-Beater, Calls It "Lucky"


Skip Bayless, much like his contemporaries, is filled with an irrational bias that has clouded his judgment when it comes to some of the best basketball players in the world. Bayless has been one of the biggest LeBron James haters in the world and it’s made him hard to listen to when the King comes up in conversation. The Undisputed host is also a huge San Antonio Spurs fan who used to love Kawhi Leonard. As soon as Kawhi requested a trade and left the team, Bayless changed his tune and started to bash Leonard at every opportunity, regardless of how well he’s playing.

This trend continued on Sunday after Kawhi hit a buzzer-beater in Game 7 to propel his Toronto Raptors to the Eastern Conference Finals. Bayless took to Twitter to completely dismiss Leonard’s shot, despite how impressive it was.

“THAT WAS THE LUCKIEST SHOT I HAVE EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR SEEEEEEN. COULDN’T HAPPEN TO A WORSE GUY,” Bayless said emphatically. “No. 2 could shoot that shot 100,000 times and not get it to do THAT again. It bounced BACKWARD off the near side of the rim. I thought it would just fall straight down. But it somehow had weird enough forward spin, when it caught a little iron again, it bounced to the far side,” he wrote in a separate tweet.

As you can see, Bayless refuses to even use Kawhi’s name, as if he’s an ex who was cheated on in their past relationship. It’s truly sad to see Skip stoop to this level. If only he had scored more than 1.4 points per game in high school, maybe he would lighten up a bit.