Ski Mask The Slump God Teases New Bass-Heavy Anthems: Watch


Is there anything more thrilling and torturing than a fire studio snippet? Well, the other night, Ski Mask The Slump God gave us two. The first one started out with ridiculously hard-hitting drums, which all made sense once the CHASETHEMONEY tag popped up. We were only given a listen of a few Ski Mask bars on that track, but it was enough to get our mouths watering. 

But what was most exciting about this behind-the-scenes look was the song that Ski Mask co-produced with his frequent collaborator, Ronny J. This track sounds like it could be some of Ski’s most experimental work to date. Perhaps this willingness to move in new directions is inspired by the time that Ronny J spent travelling and working with Kanye on Yandhi. Ronny J detailed that these sessions involved playing around with natural sounds, such as recording animal noises in Africa. This would explain the more unconventional production evidenced in this Ski Mask snippet. It starts off creating a dark atmosphere with drawn-out synths, which the South Florida rapper mumbles over in a Cudi-esque fashion. His warbling sounds so far from what we usually hear from Ski Mask that he felt the need to clarify in the video that all vocals were done by him. All hell then breaks loose as the drums come in with some bizarre noises. 

Hear for yourself below.