Ski Mask The Slump God Rails Against His Former Manager, Puts Out Call For A New One


Ski Mask The Slump God is apparently having quite a few issues with his management situation at the moment. Last week, Ski decided to leak his long-awaited mixtape, Beware The Book Eli, on Soundcloud, after firing his old management team. However, it seems that they still had some control over Ski, as the album was taken f the website, to reportedly return this Friday, May 11. 

Despite having fired his management, it seems their hold over Ski continues, as he railed against them in a series videos on his Instagram story, yesterday. In the first video, Ski says that he just finished his tour, but that his management has him fucked up. He then claims he needs a new business manager, a new laywer, and a new manager in general. On top the video, he wrote, “They hiding my passport and debit card to make sure my contract with JMBLYA that! I’m paying them with, to was go through yall thought I was was stupid.”

Typos aside, it seems that Ski’s old management team somehow got a hand on his debit card and passport, and are keeping them hostage until they get paid from Ski’s JMBLYA performance. If true, that’s quite brazen them to do something like that. 

In the following videos, Ski puts out an open call for a new manager, so if you think you have the chops to manage Ski, hit his phone. But beware, as he also mentions that he cannot be controlled by anyone. 

Check out the videos Ski Mask below.