Ski Mask The Slump God Apparently Kicks Everyone Out Of Very Rare


Ski Mask The Slump God and XXXTentacion have a complicated history. The two met in a juvenile detention center where Ski’s group Very Rare was formed and X’s collective Members Only came to life. The pair were involved in both groups until their falling out and now their respective groups are kept separate. In terms Very Rare, it appears that there may have been a falling out their own among the current members the group, as Ski Mask took to Instagram to declare that’s he’s the only remaining member the collective.

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The Florida rapper looks straight into the camera and claims, “As right now, nobody’s in Very Rare except me. Deadass. It’s a new Ski.” The Broward County product’s group is currently undergoing renovation as the rapper followed up his Instagram story with another video, saying he also needs a new manager and assistant. It is unclear if the rapper is being fully serious, however, it certainly appears that is the case as he stares into the camera and looks visibly angry.

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Ski may turn around to rebuke his statements but, for now, it appears as if Very Rare is a one-man-show. There is still no word on the release Beware The Book Of Eli but if his group has actually broken up, this could delay the project further.