Ski Mask The Slump God Announces Upcoming Surgery Due To "Fat Boy Disease"


While fans await the arrival  Ski Mask The Slump God's Beware The Book Of Eli, it would appear the Florida rapper has shared some unfortunate news. He recently took to Twitter to open up about some medical problems. Ski Mask made the announcement on Twitter, writing:

No matter how serious, having to undergo surgery is never fun. Hopefully Ski Mask can stay optimistic, and we'll be sending out our positive vibes to the talented young rapper. While it's not exactly clear what "fat boy disease" might entail, it does conjure images blocked arteries; still, how can one really make that diagnosis from his colorful description? Somebody get on Web MD.

In musical news, Ski's Beware The Book Of Eli tape should be dropping imminently. Last we heard, the rapper was teasing the first week April. It has yet to be confirmed whether his medical issues will have any bearing in the release, but clearly, his health should be the priority. Stay positive, Ski Mask. You got this.