Sketchers Sues Adidas For Illegally Poaching High School Athletes


Skechers has filed paperwork for a messy litigation battle with Adidas. The charges against Adidas stem from their involvement with student athletes. Skechers claims Adidas is tampering with High School Athletic Program by fering them funding Skechers simply can’t afford to match. Skechers also feels that Adidas’ funding is a simple workaround to actually paying the athletes upfront.

The motion which was filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles claims Adidas “effectively blocked Skechers and other companies from competing on a level playing field for young, NBA-level endorsers.” The court document also feels their exposure to young athletes creates a “perception Adidas’ overall brand quality and image” that transcends single coverage.

Skechers is thereby seeking a lump sum equivalent to the “ill-gotten prits, damages for lost sales and diminished brand value and increased advertising and marketing costs” caused by Adidas as a monopolizing entity. The Manhattan Beach beach shoe manufacturer is also seeking a cessation activity, in Adidas’ youth basketball agenda. To what end that would take effect is difficult to comprehend. Adidas has a strong foothold in AAU tournaments and programs across the country. It should be noted that Adidas were indicted on bribery charges relating to college basketball gift baskets, all but 8 months ago.