Skepta & Naomi Campbell Talk Racism, Donald Trump And How They First Met


When Skepta and Naomi Campbell debuted their GQ magazine cover last week it lead many to believe they could possibly be a couple with how intimate they got in the photos. The pictures from the shoot showed Naomi topless straddling Skepta, wearing his MAINS underwear. Other pics showed Skepta caressing her neck and they seemed all too comfortable for a duo that could have just met. 

In their sit down interview for the magazine, we learn that they actually first met at the British Fashion Awards in 2016. Naomi says that she’s never felt comfortable modelling in underwear but Skepta – who she refers to as Junior as he’s born Joseph Junior Adenuga – made her feel relaxed and okay with it. 

On the topic Donald Trump, Naomi says: “For those people that are ignorant, feel now that they can come out openly and show their ignorance because the leader the free world is showing his.”

On the topic racism in the music industry, Skepta explains how a black rapper may say something derogatory about white females but if a white rapper said anything about a black female he would be “crucified.” 

“I think everybody deep down knows wrong or right so when people are being racist they know they’re being ignorant,” he adds.

Watch the clip below.