Skechers Claps Back At Nike Following Patent Infringement Lawsuit


Skechers has been under fire over the last few years for allegedly stealing designs from big companies such as Adidas. Most notably, Skechers released some shoes that looked eerily similar to Kanye West‘s Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V1 and fans immediately took notice. With this in mind, brands are now hyper-aware of what Skechers is doing. Nike has been keeping tabs on the sneaker company and just a couple of weeks ago, they filed a patent infringement lawsuit claiming the brand stole the design for the VaporMax and Air Max 270.

Just by looking at the shoes in question, it is fairly obvious that there was some inspiration here and Nike is looking to claim Skechers’ profits from these shoes. Skechers is a huge company and as you can imagine, they are looking to fight this lawsuit tooth and nail. What is surprising, however, is that they decided to make a public statement on the matter through Twitter.

“Skechers respects the intellectual property rights of others but our much larger competitor continues to use its vast resources to stifle competition in the courtroom rather than compete in the marketplace,” Skechers wrote in a statement.

For now, both brands are at odds and we will have to see this play out in the courts for a while. Stay tuned for updates on this case.