SK8 Signs Joint Venture Deal With [email protected]/Atlantic Records, Drops ‘Omme’ Video Featuring Wiz Khalifa: Exclusive


SK8 is joining the Atlantic Records family. Friday's (Nov. 8) joint venture announcement comes as part of his previous partnership between Alignment Records and [email protected] The Omaha, Neb. native is still part of Taylor Gang, but that will only be from a management perspective.

"I had done the independent run for a while and things started to get overwhelming on the business side, so I decided it was time to start my own label and partner up with somebody that believed in me; someone who saw the same vision that I’ve always seen in myself, and could help me accomplish my goals," SK8 tells Billboard. "I found myself in an office with the head executives at Atlantic. The energy in the building was high and so was the bag."

In celebration of SK8's new deal, he teams up with his hero in Wiz Khalifa for the "Omme" visual, which also arrives on Friday (Nov. 8).

The clip finds SK8 rhyming inside a barren warehouse, where he's ominously surrounded by metallic manikins and a biker chick. "Making 'Omme' with SK8 was fun because he has vision," Khalifa relays. "Plus he's Taylor Gang, so that's family. The video came together and felt right from beginning to end. I'm super happy that the fans get to see it." 

With his label situation sorted out, SK8 is full-speed ahead toward the release of his SK8 Soundz project, which he and the team are really excited about. "SK8 has been organically building a following for years," [email protected]'s James McMillan adds. "He has a unique voice that I believe has the potential to put his hometown, Omaha, Neb. on the map. The entire [email protected] team is extremely enthusiastic about helping introduce his talents to the world."

Watch the "Omme" video below.