Sinsier is making strides with "The Relay"


Maryland based act Sinsier shares his thoughts from personal struggle, economic freedom and then some on his new song titled “The Relay”. Over a solemn piano-driven backdrop(provided by Lebanondon), Sinsier delivers his verses with emotion and passion as he strives to let the listener know that it’s not so rosy out here. The track also has a verse from the lateĀ Nipsey Hussle who comes through with his usual calm demeanor detailing the ups and downs of entrepreneurship in the hood and then some. The track is a tribute to the late Nipsey Hussle as it just shows how Sinsier would sound side by side with his favorite emcee.

The Relay & the Kid Cudi Freestyle is a part of a musical series he calls ā€œThe 2Packā€


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