Sia Makes Rare Appearance Without Her Face-Covering Wig


On Tuesday night, pop singer-songwriter Sia made a rare public appearance without her signature, face-covering wig at a Netflix party in Los Angeles.

In the photo, the "Never Give Up" hitmaker is seen posing with actor Jason Bateman wearing a simple black ensemble with her natural blond hair worn loose and free — a stark contrast to her usual black-and-blond bob wig.

Although it is rare to see the Australian singer in public without her wig on, it's not the first time she's gone without it. In 2017, she was seen at LAX looking fresh-faced on her way to a show in Dubai, and on another occasion in 2016 during a show in Denver, the singer accidentally revealed her face when a gust wind blew her wig back during her performance. The wig became her signature before the release 2014's 1000 Forms Fear album — Sia's sixth solo project — so there are plenty videos and photos the singer performing by herself and with Zero 7 before the face-obscuring hairpiece.

Check out Sia's rare wigless appearance below: