Shots Fired Outside Nipsey Hussle Album Release Party In L.A.: Report


Gunshots were fired outside World On Wheels, the L.A. venue where Nipsey Hussle’s album release party took place Saturday night, TMZ reports. One person was shot in the thigh at approximately 11:30 PM. Police did not locate the shooter at the scene. The victim was uncooperative, states the report. 

Nispey Hussle was not seen by authorities following the shooting. It is unclear if he had already left the premises prior to the gunfire. There was a large police presence outside the venue.

The event was taking place in celebration Nipsey Hussle’s new album Victory Lap, released Friday. It was unrelated to the NBA All-Star Weekend events taking place this weekend in L.A.

Nipsey helped World On Wheels, the venue his album listening party was hosted at, reopen in 2017, according to the L.A. Times. A roller rink located in Venice, L.A, it was a space the rapper visited frequently growing up in the nearby Crenshaw area. “In middle school, it was the place to be. In L.A., you have to grow up fast, and this was one place kids could go to have a party and be safe,” he said. “DJ Quik, Suga Free, Snoop Dogg — these were records you could skate to. People would make a record and go, ‘Oh, that’s for the rink.’ You’d have your club record, your radio record and your rink record.”

Nipsey recently questioned the motives the LAPD for towing his promotional Brink’s truck. “One thing we don’t respect is how the LAPD came through and took our Brink’s truck,” he said. “We putting on for the city. We showing love. We raising the expectation young n***as that come out the hood. And we don’t understand why the police wanna hate on that.”

Nipsey’s Victory Lap album is available to stream here.