Shoreline Mafia’s Ohgeesy Kicked Out Of Disneyland For Alleged Gun Threat


According to TMZ, Shoreline Mafia’s Ohgeesy and his friends were kicked out of Disneyland recently on claims that someone in his crew made threats towards the crew. Sources at Disneyland alleged Ohgeesy’s member of his crew told an employee at the Indiana Jones Adventure ride that he had a gun after they waited for 15 min. in line. The report doesn’t give a clear definition of what went down that evening. One source told police that he said that he was going to go home and grab a gun while another claimed he suggested he was strapped up. At that point, it was only the sole person who allegedly made the threats that were kicked out.

Ohgeesy demanded refunds for the ticket after his friend got kicked out but that’s when things got even more heated. Ohgeesy started filming one of the employees at guest services, telling her to shut the f*ck up and referring to her as a b*tch. The woman called for them to leave the property due to poor behavior.

“All i did was try n take my son to disney, they talkin bout someone heard my boy say he got a gun and then wouldnt gimme a refund on like 2 bands worth of tix , theez mf’s cancelled , i was just as confused as this bitch,” Oh Geesy said on Twitter after the incident occurred.