Shooter Jennings Recaps Wild Career in 'Conan' Performance of 'Bound Ta Get Down': Watch


After dabbling in country, rock, spoken word and EDM, Shooter Jennings paid a visit to Conan on Tuesday night (Aug. 21) for an energetic performance his rockabilly song "Bound Ta Git Down" from his latest album, Shooter.

Wearing all black and bold, stylish sunglasses and seated at a keyboard, the second-generation outlaw country fspring Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter charged out the gate with a blast Memphis horns and skittering drums on the upbeat throwback rocker highlighted by his signature smoky vocals and  soulful demeanor and a Jerry Lee Lewis-style swing.

The track, which tells the tale Jennings' music career over the last decade, is an energetic, dance-inducing song that serves as the opening track to the singer's 11th album. The introductory takes listeners through the trials and tribulations the singer's career from moving to California, running through the music he's released and his later move to Nashville. "Yeah, 'cause I wanna get down/ Down like a basset hound/ Down to the honky tonk town/ Bum this juke joint down/ Make Hank proud/ Get drunk/ Get loud," Jennings sang with his patented devil-may-care snarl.

Check out Shooter Jennings' performance "Bound Ta Git Down" below.