SHINee Releases Emotional 'Our Page' Music Video, Dedicated to Jonghyun: Watch


The single leads the finale the act’s ‘The Story Light’ album trilogy, which also features a song that includes Jonghyun’s vocals.

SHINee has released the touching single “Our Page,” and it's dedicated to Kim Jonghyun, who passed away last December. The song and accompanying music video debuted today (June 25).

An evocative pop and R&B hybrid, the lyrics “Our Page” were composed by the members SHINee and prominent SM Entertainment songwriter Kenzie, who has written music for the group in the past. The track’s verses are driven by gentle, echoing electric keys and rhythmic percussion before building into the dynamic chorus, which overflows with passion as the quartet sings about the story the boy band, which is not yet done according to the titular literary metaphor in the chorus: “This unfinished novel, we'll fill it until the last page.”

According to SM Entertainment, the song, which is titled “The Words You Left Behind” in Korean, reflects the group’s message ‘‘We will be together until the end.” The song includes references to the boy band being a five-membered act — “When I look back on the path that I walked along, I see five folded hands, tears, and memories,” sings Minho — and their debut date, May 25, 2008.

“The beautiful words you left behind/They become a poem, a song,” sing SHINee in what appears to be a nod to Jonghyun's talent as a songwriter. Before his passing, the artist had written for himself, for the group and its members, and other popular Korean artists including IU and Lee Hi. “Voices fly to the place where you are/We know it will reach you.”   

The accompanying music video features the four working hard on their own, doing various activities before coming together to perform the song atop stairs, where a fifth mic stands, left untouched. 

“Our Page” fronts the final part SHINee’s 10th anniversary The Story Light EP trilogy, and is the third single to be released as part it, following  “Good Evening” and “I Want.” The new album is the shortest the three, but is far from lacking; it even features a special track “Lock You Down” that features Jonghyun’s sweet, crystaline vocals. It also features three other songs, the romantic “Tonight,” the groovy “Retro,” and the heartfelt ballad “I Say.” 

The past two The Story Light EPs recently landed SHINee on the World Albums chart.

Watch the music video for “Our Page” below.