Shiggy on Starting a Viral Dance Challenge For Drake, and His Favorite Celebrity Versions


On June 29, the day Drake dropped his new No. 1 double album, Scorpion, social media comedian Shiggy posted an Instagram video dancing to the album track “In My Feelings.” He dubbed the dance #DoTheShiggy, and it became the Internet’s latest dance-challenge craze.

Then, on July 17, the two finally met at party in Los Angeles. In a video posted on Instagram, Drake is filming Shiggy, a 25-year-old born Shaquille Mitchell, while saying: "Man got me a No. 1 record today. Oh my God!" in reference to the non-single hitting No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Shiggy's original clip has since racked up over 5 million views and counting, with celebrities like Odell Beckham Jr. and the Queer Eye cast doing their own. Shiggy shares his favorites below.



"Everyone knows Ciara’s a dancer, but you haven’t] seen her dance in a while. I was like, 'Oh, snap.' To see her dance to something that I helped start is great, and having her husband Russell Wilson] in the background all calm, it made it funny and cool at the same time."


"It’s crazy, because sometimes celebrities do it and they’ll not show some type recognition, but when he did it, he followed me on Instagram and course put the hashtag and tagged me. It helps me out besides him just doing the dance, and that’s dope."


"I was in shock. When I watched the video, I was like, 'Hold on. What is he doing?' I like the fact that he made it a production, he made it a big thing. He had the drone, he had the selfie camera and somebody shooting it. He put a lot into it; it was exciting."

This article originally appeared in the July 21 issue Billboard.