Shia LaBeouf Says Kanye West "Took All" His Clothes


Shia LaBeouf disappeared from the scene last summer after he was arrested in Georgia and aggressively lashed out at the cops around him. He’s now sober, and ready to talk about his hiatus exclusively with Esquire, where he told the magazine that he did two months practice interviews with his therapist as preparation. 

Among the topics on his arrest, and the happenings while filming The Peanut Butter Falcon, Shia talks about Kanye West and how the rapper grabbed his Yeezy inspiration from him. If you can remember, in Kanye’s 2016 track “No More Parties In LA,” he rapped: “I wish I dressed as fresh as Shia LaBeouf.”

“He took all my fucking clothes,” Shia said. Apparently, Kanye approached the actor when he was planning a pop-up and asked if he could use some his own clothing in the installation. “Around the same time, I took my mother to his concert…She is, course, obsessed with Kanye West. When I brought her backstage, he was a fucking sweetheart to her. And it just felt fair. So I’m like, ‘Go for it, my guy. Take everything you want.’”

It’s been a minute since they’ve spoken though, and there are no hard feelings on Shia’s end. “Me and him haven’t really been in contact since he blew up onstage and, you know, shit on me,” he said – referring to Kanye’s meltdown in Sacramento during the Saint Pablo tour. “I fucking love Kanye West. He’s going through a lot. And I don’t know where he’s at or what he’s doing.”