Shawn Mendes The Tour: 10 Best Moments From His Sold-Out Brooklyn Show


Shawn Mendes has spent almost the entire summer performing around North America, but he showed absolutely no signs of slowing down during his first of two nights at New York's Barclays Center on Friday (Aug. 23).

On stage for nearly two hours, Mendes gifted the sold-out Brooklyn crowd with plenty of tracks from his self-titled third album as well as older hits and some fan favorites — every moment proving that he's one hell of a performer.

Check out some highlights from Shawn Mendes: The Tour below.

The sparkling setting

Fans received bracelets upon entering the arena that lit up as soon as he took the stage, which made for a magical atmosphere the whole night. As the bracelets changed color, so did the giant rose on the B-stage, which elevated the visual experience of the evening into something mesmerizing. 


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Nothing holdin' him back (from that high note)

Mendes made it very clear from the start that he was going to give the crowd his all vocally, and "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back" was a prime example of that. He added in a note that was strikingly high, but totally nailed it — and set the tone for the rest of his impressive power moments to come. 

"Stitches" sing-along

Fans were singing so loudly to some songs that you could often hear them over the headliner. They got their first moment to shine after "Stitches," when the band stopped and Mendes played his acoustic guitar along with the chorus-like crowd.

Turning "Señorita" into a piano ballad

Without Camila Cabello in tow for every show (though she was at Barclays — see below), Mendes incorporated a solo take on "Señorita" that turned it into a piano rendition. After sneaking in the vocal riff from his other Camila collab "I Know What You Did Last Summer," Mendes then seamlessly transitioned into his own track "Mutual," yet another display of his musical genius.    

Camila Cabello's fangirling

Okay, this may not be a thing at every show since Camila has her own busy schedule. But those who noticed her in the audience witnessed her totally jamming out to "Life of the Party," "Like to Be You" and "In My Blood," among others. She was even wearing one of the light-up bracelets, like a true fan.   

His John Mayer-esque display on "Ruin"

Though Mendes treated most of his performance like more of a rock show, John Mayer's influence (and the comparison it's earned Mendes) came through on his performance of "Ruin." Playing it on the B-stage in the back of the arena, Mendes was clearly feeling the slow-burning guitar of the Illuminate track, but also dove into its tender vocals with ad-libbed runs that were very Mayer-centric. 

All of the falsetto

Whether or not there were falsetto parts in the recorded version of a song, Mendes found a way to maximize his vocal range at any given opportunity. And when a tune did have some high notes, Mendes took them to another level, especially on "Where Were You In The Morning," "Particular Taste," "Why" and "If I Can't Have You." 

His inspirational "Youth" delivery

Besides the songs Mendes sang on the B-stage, the only other performance he took on solo was the particularly impactful "Youth.". Before the final chorus, he delivered a powerful message about the deeper meaning of the word "Youth" ("I'm talking about a word that describes the feeling of freedom and the feeling of happiness," he said), and it clearly resonated — the crowd sang along louder than they had all night.

The energy for "If I Can't Have You"

Though fans were into every song Mendes sang, there was a tangible excitement for "If I Can't Have You." As soon as he started, the crowd volume escalated, and once the chorus hit, there wasn't a foot on the floor. 

His final rock star moment

Fans who have seen Mendes on his previous tours could see his growth as a performer in this show, his vocal strains and jam sessions those of a true rock star. But his defining moment came in the encore during the "In My Blood" bridge, when he jumped simultaneously as confetti cannons blasted (it looks much cooler than it sounds). It was a reminder that he's no longer the flannel-wearing, standing-still guitar player from his early days — he's now an electric guitar-rocking, arena-filling superstar.