Shawn Mendes Gets Hands-On With 'Nervous' Vertical Watch


As if the release his third studio album wasn't enough excitement in one day for the Mendes Army, Shawn Mendes has also hopped on the vertical video bandwagon with a black and white clip for “Nervous” Friday (May 25), currently only available on Spotify.

The singer/songwriter keeps it visually simple as he plugs away at the jam's escalating guitar riffs. While it initially appears to be a solo effort à la Taylor Swift's “Delicate,” it's only a few seconds into Mendes' round when we see he actually isn't alone at all. An anonymous pair friendly hands begin caressing the singer as he serenades along — but rather than embracing the song's title, his smiling hints that he doesn't seem to mind. The owner the hands doesn't show her face for all but a split second, but even then, the clue is too ambiguous to accurately confirm her identity as she tugs his clothes, runs through his hair and traces all around his face.

Spotify users can watch the video in full here. Otherwise, check out the snippet Mendes tweeted in an announcement below.

Go stream the album & watch the “Nervous” vertical video on @Spotify!

— Shawn Mendes (@ShawnMendes) May 25, 2018