Shaun Frank & Lexy Panterra’s ‘Where Do You Go’ Is Perfect Club Pop: Exclusive


When some dance music goes pop, it does it with guitars and piano-led sing-alongs, but when Shaun Frank and singer Lexy Panterra got in the studio, they brought pop right to the club. "Where Do You Go" is a a synth-laden banger with plenty of bite, but it's catchy enough to fit into any mainstream radio lineup. 

"Lexy and I met at a song-writing camp out in eastern Canada last summer," Frank tells Billboard Dance. "As soon as I heard her voice, I knew we had to cut a record together. We got to work the first day we met, and 'where do you go' happened within a few short hours. Can’t wait for everyone to hear this one."

"This song is for everyone who has ever been in love or infatuated with someone," Panterra says. "We always wonder what thoughts are in their minds, and we will never know. We just hope they love and are thinking about us just as much."

"Where Do You Go" rocks a steady beat and a wicked, electronic hook while Panterra plays the perfect lovesick house diva. The song is out everywhere Friday on Spinnin Records, but you can listen to it in full a day early, exclusively on Billboard Dance.