Shaun Frank, Krewella Fly Into the Future on 'Gold Wings': Exclusive


So you've heard about those gold-dipped chicken wings the Internet can't stop roasting. That is all kinds rich-people nonsense, but imagine what was going through the minds Krewella and Shaun Frank knowing full well they were about to drop a tasty morsel their own.

The sister duo recently wrapped its New World tour with Shaun Frank in tow. The opener had a lot success co-writing on The Chainsmokers' huge album Memories…Do Not Open, and he was further inspired by Krewella when the Yousefs played for him a song they were working on called “Gold Wings.”

“We wrote 'Gold Wings' with our dear friend Dan Henig in our living right before we had to dip for a flight,” Krewella says in a joint emailed statement. “I remember referencing the way one our old school songs 'Rise & Fall' made us feel; uplifted, emotional, dreamy, and inspired. We tapped into that mindset and went with this theme that we've been channeling a lot lately, about wanting to be strong for the people we love; reminding them to have faith and trust life's flow, and even in their darkest moments, we'll follow them.”

As soon as Frank heard the lyrics, his production wheels started turning. He immediately grabbed his laptop to flesh it out.

“We pretty much produced the whole idea out in the dressing room backstage in St Louis,” Frank says in an emailed statement. “When things happen naturally like this, it's the best.”

“Gold Wings” is a future pop anthem that soars high and shines a light into your heart's deepest recesses. Krewella dares you to love through the hurt your past, and Frank's production makes it easy to follow through. It's intimate and bold with thoughtful use dynamics. It sees ficial release on Ultra Music Friday, May 11, but you can get your fingers sticky with it below, exclusively on Billboard Dance, without racking up a $1,000 bill.