Shaq Hilariously Fails The Bottle Cap Challenge: Watch


Over the last week or so, the Bottle Cap Challenge has been taking the internet by storm. Essentially, it involves someone kicking the cap off of a bottle without damaging the actual bottle. It requires skill, precision, and some pretty good timing. Athletes with the proper training and coordination have been killing this challenge, with some videos being more creative than others. As you can imagine, there have been some pretty great failures when it comes to this fad and last night, Shaq added himself to this list.

With the help of his friend Anthony Hall who was holding the bottle, Shaq hyped himself up with Travis Scott‘s song “Stargazing” and proceeded to get in position to knock the cap off the bottle. At the last second, instead of kicking the bottle, the camera changes and we see Shaq slowly kicking Hall in the face.

A foot to the face is bad enough, but when you consider that Shaq wears size 22 shoes, you got to feel bad for the guy. Thankfully he didn’t strike him hard, although the smell must have been something foul.

When it comes to the Bottle Cap Challenge, it seems as though Shaq would be better served shooting free throws, which is really saying something.