Shaq Fires Back At Son’s IG Post About Horrible Free Throw Shooting


Despite being one of the best basketball players to ever hit the court, Shaq will always be known for his horrendous free throw shooting abilities. He has a career free throw percentage of 52.7 percent which is clearly subpar considering how good of a player he was. No matter what he does or what he accomplishes, people always harken back to his struggles at the line. Even his own son, Shareef, is clowning his free throw ability as he took to Instagram with a hilarious image of him and his brother Shaqir looking back at the camera.

“When y’all both missing free throws and someone in the crowd start saying ‘JUST LIKE YA DADDY,'” Shareef wrote.

Of course, Shaq saw the post and immediately dove into the comments section to let people know that he’s still one of the best to ever do it. “Tell em ya daddy got four of them thangz,” Shaq wrote. He immediately followed this up with another comment saying “And tell em you daddy the best to ever do it , but then again u ain’t gotta say nothing. THEY ALREADY KNOW.”

Shaq is well aware of his greatness and is sick and tired of all of the slander he’s endured when it comes to his shooting. The Big Aristotle would dunk on anyone with ease so maybe we should just cool it on the free throw talk. After all, he is eighth on the all-time scorers list.