Shannon Sharpe Slams Buffalo Rappers, Westside Gunn & Benny The Butcher Respond


Shannon Sharpe faced the wrath of Griselda Records after he made some off-hand comments about Buffalo rappers. Sharpe was in his usual debate mode with Skip Bayless on Undisputed when he let it slip, stating, “What great rappers you know come out of Buffalo?” His comments immediately circulated on Twitter, where fans started tagging Westside Gunn and Benny the Butcher. 

After getting wind of the controvery he caused online, Shannon hopped on Twitter to further drive his point home. “Yep, I’m outta touch,” he wrote after a Buffalo rap fan called the sports analyst outdated. “But, IF* you’re like that I prob shouldn’t have to google you.” Sharpe added, “Buffalo known for rappers like Ga known for avocados” and “Bet more ppl know Buffalo for wings than rappers. You outta touch IF* you think anything else.”

Westside then jumped into the Twitter moment, writing,”Its Bool if it wasn’t for Steven A Smith I wouldn’t know who Skip was and If it wasn’t for Skip I wouldn’t know u was either.” He continued to take shots, writing,  “OK I’m done It was fun for a day Old Head I know u don’t got it all u smoke black n milds & prob wear black Air Force 1s, if u didn’t know u didn’t know but disrespecting my City idc if u was Jesus ain’t shit sweet around this way, sincerely FLYGOD #thenewKINGofNY TELL Skip watup.”

“Funny thing is I jus seen this ugly mufucka like a week ago at the airport in Atlanta… i was the one with the big jewels you kept starring at,” added Benny the Butcher. Shannon did chime in with the last word though, hammering home his point one more time.