Shakira & Maluma's 'Clandestino' Lyrics Translated to English: The Fire Behind the Forbidden Love


Have you noticed that Shakira and Maluma’s duets have intensified lyrically in terms talking about the forbidden? First “Chantaje,” a flirtatious song; then “Trap,” which talks about a relationship that ended but the desire is alive; and now “Clandestino,” which tells the story forbidden passion.

In order to understand Shak and Maluma’s latest collab, Billboard has translated the song from Spanish to English so you can see the fire behind the forbidden love.


You know it’s not convenient for us

That people know what we both have

That we eat from a forbidden fruit

We love it and we know it,

I don’t need any other Don Juan

That will open the door for me when I arrive at the restaurant

That case doesn’t need more flowers

Be quiet, baby, all the rumors


Ours is illegal and I will not deny you

That I pay the sentence because I kissed you

I know that you feel the same and you can’t deny it to me

I already made the mistake falling in love


I came to see you, to entertain myself

And you stole me a kiss that you still not thinking about giving me back

I felt like flying, I was escaping

When I least expected, you were already hugging me

And keep it up like that, don’t stop

You have become a disease

And keep it up like that, like that, no more

The closer you get

More increases my anxiety

More Fire


Clan-clan-clandestine, oh

The same destiny wanted

Don't look for problems where there aren't, there aren't, there aren't

Clan-clan-clandestine, oh

Don't forget that we're friends

I look for problems where there aren't, there aren't, there aren't


Tell me, baby, because I can't understand anymore what you need

To see each other alone and kill us in the dark

You leave, and my body here keeps asking for more


You continue with that attitude

When the light goes f

You are going crazy

With a couple kisses in the mouth