"Shadow Of The Tomb Raider" Teaser Shows Off Lara Croft's Skills


Tomb Raider is the latest video game franchise being brought to the big screen. With the new film – aptly named Tomb Raider – upon us, a new teaser trailer has been released for an upcoming video game: Shadow the Tomb Raider.

Not much is known about the latest addition to the video game series. The trailer depicts Lara traversing various areas, some which are forests, mountains, swamps, and temples. Judging from the opening shot and the logo, the game will feature an eclipse as a plot device. Like past games, Shadow the Tomb Raider will be an adventurous action game, with a strong focus on the narrative.

The entirety the trailer is on its way next month, on April 27. The game will be out later this year on September 14. You can check out the action-packed teaser trailer below.