Seventeen Have a ‘Hit’ On Their Hands With Dynamic New Single: Watch


K-pop boy band Seventeen is back today (Aug. 5) with their latest song, and it’s a surefire “Hit.”

A powerful dance track from start to finish that would get everyone excited at any club throughout the globe, "Hit" starts with clapping beats that resonates throughout the tune, propelling an anthemic, frenzied electro-pop sound from Seventeen. Built around a pulsating chorus full of "woah-ohs" and the declaration of "let me drop the music/ hit-hit sound," the song makes the most of the dynamic between the 13 men as it soars with flourishing chants and charismatically delivered verses, and even incorporates a series of falsetto segments to pull back on the momentum momentarily before exploding.

“Hit” serves as a well-deserved show of swagger from the group that has carved out a place for itself in the K-pop world by gaining a reputation as “self-producing idols.” According to the information shared on YouTube along with the music video, the song reflects the group’s message of freedom from oppression. 

“Hit” is Seventeen’s first Korean song since Januarys "Home," which fronted their You Made My Dawn album, and seems to reference both that EP and last year’s You Make My Day during the line, "Endlessly run through the rough dawn/ from this day forth, we're free, jump."

As for the video, it begins by making the most of contrasting lighting and vibrant animations, putting the members in futuristic settings where they're seen performing their pristinely synchronized choreography as silhouettes, bolstered by bright hues. As the song progresses, each member is seen in his own distinct setting, ranging from swimming pools to being surrounded by shooting targets, only to come together in a warehouse and showcase even more impactful moves during the riotous finale. 

Throughout the music video, there's a sense of danger and even anarchy, perhaps as a nod to the freedom-seeking element of the song; most notably, Mingyu stands at a podium, as if calling listeners to action, while Dino stands amid counters ticking down, as if a bomb. As the song moves to its climax with the final impactful chorus, materials crash around the members and the final shot in the video features S.Coups breaking his choker, as if letting loose and becoming unchained from restrictions.

Seventeen will be heading to Los Angeles later this month for an appearance KCON 2019 LA

Watch the music video for Seventeen's "Hit" below.