Seventeen Faces ‘Fear’ in Sophisticated New Watch


K-pop boy band Seventeen returned today (Sept. 16) with their new single “Fear.”

The lead single off of their An Ode album, also out today, “Fear” is an R&B-imbued dance track that veers off-kilter with frequent tonal shifts and vocal modulations. The members’ angst-riddled verses about fear in a relationship weave in and out of groovy melodies and propulsive choruses, with a whispering bridge courtesy of Jeonghan arriving to bisect it all, creating a haunting sonic disruption that is reflected in the music video by the vocalist’s white pallor smeared in red. 

The song was co-composed by Seventeen's Woozi and longtime collaborator Bumzu with Prismfilter joining in as an arranger; Vernon and S.Coups are credited as co-lyricists.

According to the YouTube page for “Fear,” the album overall reflects the ode, or message, that writers present to the world. Seventeen uses the single to relay how the group “explores fear as an emotion they face during their creative process. As the members search within for insight, the agony they endure help them develop one step further as artists.” 

The music video for the song is cinemaically shot, surrounding the members of Seventeen with captivating props and backdrops as they sing and dance to “Fear,” with sleek, yet powerful — occasionally poisonous — dancing driving the song’s chorus. Dramatic hues are layered throughout the video, as if emulatng the emotions relayed throughout “Fear,” as things tick down to the end.

Along with “Fear,” An Ode features 10 other tracks, including Seventeen’s August release “Hit” and a Korean version of their latest Japanese single “Happy Ending.” Many members of Seventeen are credited as co-writers on tracks throughout the album. An Ode follows the January release of You Made My Dawn, which peaked at No. 4 on the World Albums chart earlier this year.