Seven People Shot At Snapchat Invite "Instant House Party"


A group of people in East Houston, Texas, put together an “instant house party” where the invitations went out strictly through Snapchat. Eventually, the demographics of the get-together shifted from and soon became an eclectic mix of teenagers and adults.

Houston Police Department detective Sean Ragsdale told reporters that the party hosted anywhere from 30 to 50 guests. The attendees were made up of mostly strangers and random people who just happened to have been forwarded the party invitation through Snapchat. Unsurprisingly, a handful of guests weren’t getting along and a verbal argument ensued. Soon, things took a turn for the worse when shots rang out and three people were injured at the house.

Seven People Shot At Snapchat Invite "Instant House Party"
Carl Court/Getty Images

An unidentified person jumped into a vehicle and sped away from the melee, however, another group reportedly gave chase in an SUV. Both vehicles raced down a freeway as occupants of the SUV allegedly opened fire on the car it was following. Multiple people were struck and, eventually, the car pulled over to a gas station to call for medical assistance.

None of the gunshot wounds were life-threatening for any of the vitims. A neighbor who lived near the home where the party was located said that he recalled hearing approximately 20 gunshots. “I heard this lady crying, yelling on her phone,” said Carlos Ramirez. “I peeked and looked after the gunshots and everything, and I told her to come inside and wash your hands because you don’t know if they people are still out there and stuff.”

Victims included a 17-year-old girl, three 18-year-old boys, and two 19-year-old boys. Three suspects are still being sought in connection to the shooting.