Seth Curry Calls The Nuggets "Sassy" After Will Barton Scuffle


With a 3-2 lead in the series, the Denver Nuggets were unable to hold off a chippy Portland Trail Blazers team who forced a Game 7 with a big 119-108 victory on Thursday night. Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum were able to combine for 62 points in the game, although it was Seth Curry who was one of the bigger stories for the Blazers. In the fourth quarter, Curry got into a shoving match with Will Barton of the Nuggets which led to both players being pulled away by their respective teammates.

Afterward, Curry spoke about Barton and the Nuggets, saying they’re a pretty dramatic bunch.

“He waited for a few people to get in between us, and when a few people were in between us, he put his finger in my eye,” Curry said according to ESPN. “You know what I’m saying. I can’t allow people to put their fingers in my eye. That’s real sassy. They got a few sassy dudes over there. Front-runners. And we can’t allow that.”

Barton gave his own explanation of what happened, saying he wasn’t going to let anyone push him around. 

“It ain’t no beef,” Barton said. “I wasn’t even looking for that. I was just trying to protect myself. I guess he thought I was trying to stand on top of him and be tough. I was just trying to get out of the way before I got injured. He pushed me. I’m not going to let nobody push me. But that’s nothing.”

Game 7 will go down on Sunday in Denver.