Seth Alley Goes Against the Grain in ‘Same Town Different Story’ Exclusive


Seth Alley shares his unique take on the country genre in the new video for “Same Town Different Story,” which Billboard exclusively premieres below.

The Tennessee native, who blends country storytelling and urban production within his music, penned “Same Town Different Story” with Ryan Petersen. A song that details the way a country singer is often perceived to be, Alley throws the stereotype on its head quite literally in his new music video.

“I’ve never been a fan of George Strait/ But I’ll shoot you Strait: George is great I just don’t relate,” he admits on the song’s first verse alongside ear-grabbing hip-hop beats.

"The opening lyric is my favorite line in the song, the whole song was inspired from that line,” Alley tells Billboard. "Country music is at a really cool place right now. My version of country will always start with being honest in my storytelling, my delivery is where you can say I go against ‘The Country Formula.’"

The video itself shows Alley going against the grain as a room of doctors try to find the perfect image for the singer. One doctor is shown with a clipboard that reads “The Country Formula” while several colleagues gather various outfits to place on a mannequin. A Tupac t-shirt, flannel, cowboy boots and hats, and big belts are traded for Nike sneakers, baseball caps, a red bandana, fur coat and later jean jacket. In the end, they settle on a black t-shirt, jeans and a red wig: showing who Seth Alley really is.

"I really wanted to showcase the importance of being yourself and letting others know that you don't have to fit into a mold or formula in order to promote your product,” he adds. “I'm a fan of being real and authentic, I hope people can understand that stereotypes are over-rated, just be you."

This newfound authenticity follows Alley’s ups and downs in the music industry. Previously signed to Big Machine Label Group and later part of pop project Anderson Alley, the singer left the label life behind and chose a path of complete independence. He then studied the music of his early influences — Dave Matthews Band, Jay-Z, Coldplay, and Tupac — and channeled each artist into his love for country music’s storytelling.

Watch the video for “Same Town Different Story” below.