Serious Klein is out getting that "Coochie Money"


Kelvin Boakye aka Serious Klein comes through with his new record titled “Coochie Money”. Blending the classic 90s sound using breakbeats and modern-day cinematic soundscapes, Serious Klein doesn’t hold back punches and gets brash from the onset with his confident flow and graphic lyrics. While the overarching concept behind the record dwells on the most frequent topics in hip-hop such as partying, getting money and women, Klein takes those cliches and flips them into something different.

I’ve known Shove since my early days music. I started working with him when I was 16. He has witnessed all the growth, the ups and downs and stuff like that when it comes to music. I talk about things that still influence or influenced me heavy a lot and “Coochie Money” is one those songs: talking about me growing up, looking up to the wrong people, thinking that money, women & cheating was everything, actually believing that there wasn’t anything wrong with it. The environment I grew up in, was exactly that, I wasn’t thinking about any consequences cause everyone made it seem like things were unseen and right until I actually understood the worth loyalty and the true meaning wealth” – Serious Klein

Currently, he was picked to perform alongside Alicia Keys as ‘one the hottest urban newcomers in Germany’ and after a joint headline shows alongside PUSHA T’, the young rapper is ready to release his most explosive body work to date with his much anticipated debut album.



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