Serena Williams Stands Firm On "Fight For Equality" Following Wimbledon Loss


Following her Wimbledon defeat at the hands of an in-form Simona Halep, Serena Williams was asked to touch on her growing interest in political activism, to which responded, “Well the day I stop fighting for equality, and for people that look like me and you, will be the day I’m in my grave.” Serena’s strongwilled message came at the heels of a heartbreaking loss in straight sets to her Romanian opponent, herself a former world #1 in the WTA database. 

Serena could have within her rights to be less composed, more frantic, throughout the post-match press conference, but as always, she rose to the occasion, eschewing bitterness towards Halep above all else. Bear in mind, there are only a handful of Grand Slam tournaments up for the taking each calendar year, each one more bitter/sweet than the last.

For those who don’t follow the WTA circuit too closely, Serena’s quip about “fighting for equality” is a subliminal response to comments made by Billie Jean King, a pioneer in the women’s game, turned pundit. Her belief is that Serena ought to focus her attention on her tennis-playing and leave the activism to “the full-time professionals,” give or take a few liberties in expression.

“She’s got business, a baby, she’s trying to help gender equity, particularly for women of color, she’s actually on the Billie Jean King leadership initiative, she and Venus are both advisors for it,” Jean King said last month, leading to this portentous occasion – in which Serena answered all, ostensibly racist doubts over her graceful manner, professionalism, and ability to control her emotions. Serena is the GOAT, but that doesn’t take anything away from Simona Halep dominant display. Even Serena had to admit, Halep played a strong hand, and deserved to win their matchup.