Senses Fail's Buddy Nielsen Explores Daughter's Birth, Making of New Album in Emotional Documentary: Video Premiere


Plenty artists go around calling their most recent album their “most personal,” but for Senses Fail frontman Buddy Nielsen, that superlative bled from press release hype to pure necessity. 

If There Is Light, It Will Find You, released this February on Pure Noise Records, was recorded just after the birth his daughter, Penelope. This was course an immensely happy event for Buddy and his wife Priscilla, but it came on the heels deeply traumatic events for the family. Priscilla suffers from Multiple sclerosis, complications which previously led to a miscarriage. Numerous songs on the new album address these events directly, and in recent years, Nielsen sobered up and went through difficult moments his own (which you can read about in our recent interview). The punk band’s seventh studio album is indeed their most personal record, and it’s also a very good one. 

Senses Fail put together a two-part documentary about the tribulations leading up to the new LP, which Billboard is exclusively premiering below today (June 12). Nielsen explains:

Most the record reflects on what it was like to deal with the complications associated with my wife’s birth. We were fortunate to have our friend there to document the birthing process and show what a natural birth can be like. One the most important things in this small documentary is to counter the idea portrayed in the movies how birth works. Even with the complications that we had the process was beautiful and intimate and some the most connected times I’ve had as a human. We are happy to share our experience in birth and music and invite the world in to see how art and life are made.

The first segment focuses on the birth Penelope, while the second follows Nielsen in the studio with producer Beau Burchell. Watch them both below.