Selena’s Father Abraham Quintanilla Speaks Out Against Telemundo Series


Abraham Quintanilla, the father of late singer Selena, has posted a statement on the Quintanilla Productions Facebook page after Telemundo launched the series El Secreto de Selena (Selena's Secret), which is an adaptation of the book of the same name written by Telemundo journalist Maria Celeste Arrarás and published in 1997.

“In the last weeks my family and I have experienced real torture, avoiding the means and ignoring the lack of respect and the impudence of María Celeste Arrarás,” Quintanilla wrote.

The series, which premiered on Aug. 25, is based on Selena’s murder trial and reveals details of Arrarás’ investigation of the case as well as her interview with the killer, Yolanda Saldivar.

According to Quintanilla's Facebook post, the series has false details, including evidence and a romance that didn't exist. He also emphasizes that the series reopens wounds of the past. "The true story is that since the death of my beloved daughter Selena, my family and I have dedicated every second to protecting, elevating and honoring her short life."

He continued: “Selena was a young woman with great aspirations and focused on her family and her musical career, her clothing designs and her many projects. The whole world was at her disposal because she was a woman with high values ​​and tireless desire to fight. A criminal stole her life and she stole our happy days, her cheerful laughter, her hugs and her desire to live.”

After the premiere of the series, Billboard contacted the Quintanilla family who did not want to comment at the time.

"As long as God gives me life, I will defend and take care of the memory of my beloved daughter Selena," Abraham Quintanilla concludes.