Selena’s Best Life Lessons in Her Lyrics: Staying Humble, Self-Worth, Live Life & More


Tuesday (April 16) marks what would have been Selena Quintanilla’s 48th birthday.

As a woman in a male-dominated industry, the Queen of Tejano overcame many obstacles while keeping it classy, real and humble. Her music, including timeless hits such as “Dreaming of You,” “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” and “Como La Flor,” all have a universal appeal.

Selena, who single-handedly revolutionized the Tejano industry, incorporating her Mexican-American roots in her music, ultimately put the Latino community on the map by breaking barriers.

In honor of her birthday, Billboard Latin highlights some of the best life lessons found in her lyrics. See them below.

Song: “La Llamada”

Lyric: No me vuelves a llamar/ No te voy a perdonar/ Otra oportunidad/ No te la doy/ No vales la pena

Translation: Do not call me again/ I am not going to forgive you/ I won’t give you another chance/ You are not worth it

Life Lesson: “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” Don’t pick up his phone calls, don’t respond to his text messages, don’t look for him. He’s not worth it!

Song: “Si Una Vez”

Lyric: Si una vez dije que te amaba/ Y que por ti la vida daba/ Si una vez dije que te amaba, no lo vuelvo a hacer/ Ese error es cosa de ayer

Translation: If I once said I loved you/ And that my life was for you/ If I once said I loved you, I won’t do it again/ That mistake is a yesterday thing

Life Lesson: Further adding to the previous song, know that you’re too good for your ex anyway! In Selena’s own words, that relationship is an error from the past.

Song: “Amor Prohibido”

Lyric: Aunque soy pobre todo esto que te doy/ Vale más que el dinero porque sí es amor/ Y cuando al fin estemos juntos, los dos/ Qué importa qué dirán, también la sociedad/ Aquí sólo importa nuestro amor, te quiero

Translation: Although I am poor, all this that I give you/ Is worth more than money because it's love/ And we’re finally together/ Who cares what society thinks?/ The only thing that matters here is our love

Life Lesson: Fight for your love! It doesn’t matter if the whole world is against your relationship with your partner. If it’s true love, it will last forever.

Song: “Como La Flor”

Lyric: Yo sé que tienes un nuevo amor / Sin embargo, te deseo lo mejor / Si en mí, no encontraste felicidad / Tal vez, alguien más te la dará

Translation: I know you have a new love / However, I wish you the best / If in me, you did not find happiness / Maybe, someone else will give it to you

Life Lesson: Be the bigger person in the relationship when things don’t work out. Make peace with it, wish them well and move on!

Song: “La Carcacha”

Lyric: Miren muchachas que no me arrepiento/ Y tampoco me avergüenzo yo de mi galán/ Aunque sea pobre y tenga un carro viejo/ Me trata como reina/ Un hombre de verdad

Translation: Look girls, I don’t regret it/ And I’m not ashamed of my boyfriend/ Even if he is poor and has an old car/ He treats me like a queen/ A real man

Life Lesson: Be humble! Don’t be ashamed of what you have and don’t have. Enjoy the simple things in life.

Song: “No Quiero Saber”

Lyric: Ya no estés triste, ven conmigo a cantar/ Tira tus penas al aire, hoy vamos a disfrutar/ Qué linda es la vida, vive cada día/ Sin poner medida, vive hasta lo máximo

Translation: Do not be sad anymore, come sing with me/ Throw your sorrows in the air, let’s enjoy today/ Life is so beautiful, live each day/ Without putting a stop, live to the fullest

Life Lesson: YOLO! In this '90s techno dance track, Selena sends the message of living your life to the fullest and finding happiness.

Song: “Las Cadenas”

Lyric: Ahora que ya no estás me siento libre/ Me voy donde voy, y nadie lo impide/ Yo mando mi vida y me siento más feliz/ Y nunca nunca volveré a caer contigo

Translation: Now that you're gone, I feel free/ I go where I want, and no one stops me/ I rule my life and I feel happier/ And I'll never fall for you again

Life Lesson: In true Selena fashion, this song is all about women empowerment, knowing your self-worth and finding yourself again after a toxic relationship.