Seeb Remixes Clean Bandit and Demi Lovato's 'Solo' to Take it Way Past Summer: Listen


Norwegian dance trio Seeb has unveiled a remix  Clean Bandit and Demi Lovato's "Solo" today (Aug. 3), funking it up smooth with club-ready attitude.

Every wonder what goes into a remix package? The art the remix is a special and precise thing. It's a science, really, especially for the management teams and record industry pressionals that are tasked with taking a summer single and turning it into a year-round jam. As the remixer, you want to be true to the original but gie the song new depth, maybe turn its beat into something better suited for clubs or kicking back on a Sunday afternoon. It turns out that diversity is a big part Clean Bandit's management plan.

“When we plan the remix strategy for Clean Bandit, we look at the track the band has made and the key audiences we] are trying to reach with the original and the remixes," the band's manager Iain Watt says in an emailed statement. "We normally like to have a spread remixes that work for mix shows, mainstream clubs and dance streaming playlists. Alongside, this we then target left leaning producers who work in the electronic, hip hop and downtempo areas so we get a real cross section music that reaches a broad audience dance fans, tastemakers and influencers."

When it came time to remix "Solo," the band's current single, the plan was no different. "Solo" has big star power with a feature from Demi Lovato, and it currently sits at No. 61 on the Hot 100, chart dated Aug. 4. That's not strange for a UK band crossing over into the States, and these hits take extra steps to get into prime position.

“Single campaign timelines in the American music market ten run longer than those our counterparts around the globe." says Big Beat Records' Head Marketing Blake Foster. "In the case Clean Bandit’s current single “Solo”, the U.S. story in the digital and streaming space is established yet we are still just getting started at radio. We find success with using remixes to extend the life our records by way introducing new content in the marketplace domestically while other territories may have peaked or moved on to the next track."

The task fell on the highly-capable shoulders Seeb. The group has had success with remixes for Coldplay and Mike Posner.

“As the band’s A&R, I work closely with them on the original versions their records," says Atlantic Records UK Co-head A&R Briony Turner. "Hearing Seeb’s remix which is true to the original track while being totally reinventive -- with an amazing new chorus hook -- was a real treat. It’s always exciting when a remix version creates a new hook from a musical part which is more buried in the original track and Seeb have done this brilliantly.”

“The art curating a remix package is to have some fun and really get creative with it," continues Atlantic Records UK A&R Consultant Joe Barbe. "Rarely do you get an opportunity to cross-collaborate different, outstanding artists in such a way. Seeb have an absolutely phenomenal track record when it comes to remixes so having them onboard is very exciting.”

Watt says having Seeb on the package is a "great honor," and we at Billboard Dance have to admit, it's a serious bop.

Listen to the Seeb remix "Solo" featuring Lovato below.