Seeb & Dagny Depict Delusional Heartache With 'Drink About' Exclusive Premiere


When desperate times call for equally desperate measures, Seeb and Dagny turn it into a hypnotizing visual for their new collaboration. The video for "Drink About," premiering exclusively through Billboard today (June 5), depicts a grueling heartache that reaches reality-altering heights.

"Let's just fucking have a good time, alright?" pleads the sole dialogue the clip during its introduction. "Stop thinking about that girl, and I'll put something on."

With a collection scattered alcohol bottles and illegal substances aplenty, a lowkey apartment dance party commences in an attempt to distract the video's mourning main character. When the "good times" get a little too good, delusion ensues -- including one especially awkward "what happened last night?" moment -- drawing comparisons to another video for a Seeb-assisted track that shows turmoils recreational drugs: their remix Mike Posner's "I Took a Pill in Ibiza."

"Drink About" comes from the Norweigan dance trio's debut EP, Nice to Meet You, released in April. See the trippy video below.