Sech Reveals His Favorite Things About Panamanian Culture, Big Dreams in New ‘Growing Up Latino’ Episode


Sech is the latest artist to take the Growing Up Latino hot seat, talking about his favorite things, achieving big dreams, and struggles as a Panamanian artist. 

In the new episode, the “Otro Trago” singer starts off by sharing fun facts about himself, such as rice and chicken being his favorite food. Plus, Coronado and Bocas del Toro are his favorite places to visit in Panama, The Avengers is his favorite movie, soccer is his favorite sport, and “Que Sopa” (what’s up) and “Mo” (cousin) are his favorite Panamanian slang words. 

He also talked about El General being his favorite role model growing up. “He achieved a lot in music,” he says. “He was a pioneer, one of the first to do reggae in Spanish and his music went around the world. He has a big impact on me because there weren’t a lot of artists from my country and when he achieved that, there was hope that you could make it.” 

Sech, who comes from humble beginnings in the Central American country, achieved success for his captivating Latin urban-meets-R&B songs such as “Otro Trago,” “Miss Lonely,” and “Que Mas Pues.” He has collaborated with artists such as Maluma, Zion & Lennox, and Nicky Jam

One of his biggest challenges as a Latin artist, however, is being from Panama. He shares how difficult it has been for local artists to be recognized and achieve success outside of the country. “We had seen some success but have not been able to enter the same industry with all of our colleagues,” he notes, saying that he plans to maintain his place in the biz and keep on growing. 

Sech also recalls the first time he realized he was a big deal in the U.S. was when people in the streets started asking him for photos or first heard his song on the radio.

“How music can reach so many people,” he says of the best thing about being a Latin artist. “I feel that I can give hope to many kids growing up who may not have many opportunities. In Panama, we have good people that have big dreams."

Watch the full episode above.