Sebastian Telfair’s Estranged Wife Threatened By His Sister Following His Conviction: Report


Once an NBA player, especially one with Sebastian Telfair’s standing, retires from the league, most of them invest in businesses, travel the world, or enjoy careers as sportscasters on major networks. Not many of them get involved in gun cases that can put them in jail for over a decade. We previously reported that Sebastian Telfair, the sought after high school basketball player who went on to play 12 seasons in the NBA, was recently convicted of possessing a firearm.

The case stemmed from an incident back in June 2017 when Telfair was stopped by police in Brooklyn. His car was searched and officers found marijuana and a slew of firearms including three pistols, a semi-automatic rifle, ammunition, and a ballistic vest. He later pleaded not guilty, but a jury would disagree. 

Sebastian Telfair's Estranged Wife Threatened By His Sister Following His Conviction: Report
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

As the 33-year-old prepares himself for sentencing, facing up to 15 years in prison, TMZ reports that there’s even more drama in the former NBA star’s life. According to the publication, his estranged wife Samantha Telfair called the police last week because she claimed she was being threatened by Telfair’s sister Octavia.

The Los Angeles Police Department responded to Samantha’s call and she told them that Octavia was upset because Samantha testified against Telfair in court. Under oath, Samantha said she’d seen Telfair with multiple firearms, including one that was found with him when he was arrested. Samantha reportedly stated that Octavia threatened to “kill my kids and cut my face” by saying she was going to “Slice [her] face and kill [her] children.” 

The officers took Samantha’s reports and are investigating her concerns. While Samantha lives in Los Angeles, it’s reported that Octavia resides in New York. Samantha filed a report in NY as well, so they’ll be looking into her case.