Sebastian Teams With Gallant For Cinematic Single ‘Run For Me’: Watch


It's been eight years since Ed Banger darling Sebastian released an album, and though he released a sexy song about vaginas in 2017, he wants you to know, he's matured. 

"Run For Me" featuring Gallant is a proper song with big feelings and cinematic levels of wonder. “We made it in one day, in one take without stopping," Sebastian is quoted in a press release. "The melody evolved wherever it seemed to want to go all by itself. I tracked Gallant down for the vocals, because he shared the same power and logic that the song aimed to have, and I wasn’t disappointed. The song really came into its own when the vocals were laid down on the track.”

Perhaps inspired by his work with Frank Ocean, it starts out all new-school R&B, beautiful and dramatic over hymnal organ decorated in Gallant's silk-sheet lilt. It's a bit breathtaking as it quiets to just falsetto over bassy keys, and just when you're all "is this even a Sebastian song?," all those signature synth sounds erupt with robot rock attitude.

It's powerful but not overpowering, lovely in its use of languish and dynamics. It even has a jaunty little third act surprise, but it isn't without its tinge of anxiety, a tinge exploited to daring effect in the music video. Directed by Todd Tourso, "Run For Me" becomes a literal car chase between a doomed young couple and (who else?) the cops.

"When I first heard the song I was just struck by how cinematic it felt," Tourso is quoted. "I wanted to create something that felt like an epic tragic love story, but the post-communist version, completely stripped of context. Sebastian and I were speaking over FaceTime, and we decided to use this singular idea of a car ride to take you on the complete emotional arc of a broken relationship. We shot in Belgrade, and it was one of those special shoot’s that just felt like summer camp."

"Run For Me" will appear on Sebastian's forthcoming album, scheduled for release in fall. Watch the music video below.